New Solar Panels

Sometime this last week the weather changed from the rainy season to the dry season.  We still get occasional afternoon rains but the mornings have been mostly sunny.  The real telling thing of the season change was the return of the summer haze.  (Here in the tropics, the dry season is called summer and the wet called winter.)  With the nicer weather Bill got real busy and finished the installation of the first of the two new solar panels.  We worked only in the early hours of the morning, after daylight but before the tropical sun got too hot to work outside on the white deck.


The first step was to get the frame strongly installed to the aft rails.  It took both of us to hold it there so that the placement of the brackets could be marked.  Bill then bolted on the rail brackets and we made sure all fit correctly before we attached in the solar panel.  There is a diagonal added to the middle of the frame for stability.


Bill was quite happy with the finished product after the panel was attached to the frame and then remounted onto the railing.  It is now adding electricity to our batteries and, since it seldom is in the shade, we are getting many amps from it!


While we were working on the panels the large sailing yacht, the Maltese Falcon, passed by on its way to the first lock of the Canal as it crossed into the Caribbean.  It is a tall enough ship that it had to pass under the Bridge of the Americas at low water.  There was even a crew high in the rigging taking photos and watching.