Christmas Trees


Yesterday Shirley from Wind Song, David (the BYC manager) and Doreen constructed the Balboa Yacht Club’s Christmas tree.  After we got the tree “looking like a tree”  the staff took over.  They got the lights strung and working, then tied little strings to the many ornaments and placed them on the tree.  The final  step was the stringing of red and gold Christmas ribbon around the tree.   The tree will sit at the corner of the BYC Bar for the holiday season.


Bill wore his new Santa hat for the occasion.  The past weeks as we traveled the streets of the city, he gets an occasional “Ho Ho Ho” due to his nice white beard, so I picked up a hat to go with it when I went shopping with Frank and Shirley earlier Thursday morning.


Not to be outdone.  We have also hung our small Christmas tree on the Lanikai, with the many ornaments that we have purchased on our travels.