Christmas at the YC


Christmas Eve was celebrated with a quiet evening at the Yacht Club bar visiting with several other cruisers as is usual most evenings.  Then it was early to bed to be ready for the big cooking day on Christmas Day.


Christmas Day, Shirley, Wind Song, and I went to the YC early to get two large turkeys stuffed and into the oven so that they would be ready for the early afternoon cruiser’s potluck.  (A large ham had been cooked Christmas Eve and was already sliced and ready to reheat after the birds came out of the oven.)  We then took turns the rest of the morning babysitting the birds as they cooked.  When it came time to eat, Bill did the turkey carving in the now very hot kitchen.


It was all worth the effort when the food was served as everyone enjoyed a great meal.  The cruisers all did themselves out to bring yummy special dishes for the occasion to go with the turkey and ham.


After everyone had their fill we ended the gathering with a gift exchange.  Bill unwrapped a mug full of candy but it was soon taken by another cruiser and he picked another gift but that too was taken by another cruiser.  Bill finally got to keep the third gift that he unwrapped.