For the first year in many, we enjoyed a real turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.  The Balboa Yacht Club, where Lanikai is moored, served up a nice yummy Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  It was enjoyed by many cruisers as well as locals: about 76 dinners were served.  We are again at the YC today hoping to enjoy left over hot turkey sandwiches.

Later Note: the sandwiches were a bust; the turkey (leftover from yesterday) was today “fried”, and served without bread or gravy.  The manager was so disgusted after the first few were served, that he canceled the “special”.


It has been raining for almost a week now; it will likely rain for another week!   This has not been the usual tropical downpour – where it rains hard for an hour and then is gone.  We have had almost steady rain, due to a low pressure system – or a series of lows – over the south western Caribbean.

Parts have started to arrive for “boat projects”, so as soon as the rain stops we have boat chores to do.  We have picked up two more solar panels (which will more than double our solar energy gain!) and Bill, before the rains, constructed two frames to mount them in.  The hardware just arrived today to finish mounting them on the aft rail of Lanikai.