We have been back in Panama two weeks now.  Since we are anchored right off the Pacific entrance channel to the cannel we get to watch the traffic that comes and goes into the canal and into the large container port on this side of the canal.  The first week back we saw few ship passing by and the big ship anchorage in the bay of Panama had few anchored ships.  In the last week this has changed. The anchorage was quite full and there has been a steady stream of boats in the channel going both directions.  We saw a super large ship of 17 containers wide and 24 long pass by us yesterday.  This is much too large to pass thru the canal so we figure that he was bound to the container port.  There is construction going on at the locks to make a new and larger lock that will take this size of vessel.  


Mexico’s Tall ship passed in and sat for several days just under the Bridge of the Americas.  It was all lit up each evening and decorated with flags in the day.  When it passed by Lanikai, all the sailors were standing in the rigging.  It made a very impressive site.