Back in Panama

We have now been home on Lanikai for two weeks and, hopefully, we have quit finding new problems.  The biggest problem on our return was that the diesel battery charger did not want to run anymore.  It still is not working, but we have gotten in contact with a mechanic who promises to help us out.  In the meantime we decided that more solar panels would be more than nice to have.  The panels that we have now will run the freezer but not much else, and not even that in the cloudy-rainy season.  Bill has gotten involved in another hobby computer project and needs more power to run his computer for extended periods of time.  More solar panels will – hopefully – give him the power he needs without having to run a noisy engine. 

The third day back saw us replacing a long run of fresh water hose.  It is the same hose that had sprung a leak last spring while we were anchored in Western Panama, and emptying our water tank into the bilge.  This time the leak was discovered in a section of the hose that we thought was ok last time; so now we decided to replace the whole run.  It was a good thing that we did; there were at least two more bad bulges in the hose.  Bill made an emergency trip to the hardware store to purchase the needed hose.  The original fresh water hoses are car heater hoses and since they give a distinctively rubber taste to the water, so we are slowly replacing them with modern reinforced plastic. 

There was also much cleaning down below when we first returned but the exterior of Lanikai was quite clean due to the almost daily rain showers that she had received thanks to mother nature and the rainy season.

The Internet has been flakey out at the boat so we have spent many afternoons at the BYC Bar where the WiFi connection is usually real good.  We also get to visit with our many friends as they show up for their afternoon beers.  There is also several “cruiser” activities each week including a Thursday afternoon “jam session” where the musically inclined cruisers entertain the rest of us. 

We are still enjoying life aboard although there is lots of work involved to keep the boat functioning.