The Pacific Northwest

Bill and I have spent the late summer and into the fall visiting family in Montana and Oregon in the US.  We had warm weather during the first part of the vacation, but in the last few weeks the Oregon Coast has become rainy and cool.  While here, Doreen first spent time visiting her parents, oldest daughter and youngest grandson in Montana.   There she helped with yard projects at the two homes in the nice August weather.  She traveled over to Oregon with our young grandson, 2 year old Mauricio,  on the train.  He is very into trains and, thankfully, much of the trip was in the night with Mauricio asleep at her feet.  They were met at the station by Gretchen,  our youngest daughter, and her youngest son Nicolas.  Nicolas was almost as excited about trains as Mauricio, but he is more into fishing with his dad.  He turned 5 during our stay and we had several birthday celebrations with him.

While in Oregon we went out fishing many times and canned lots of tuna.


The last fishing trip found us on the front lawn, stuffing the fish into jars with hot peppers as soon as it was cut from the fish.

We returned to Montana in late September for Doreen’s parents early-October 50th anniversary party.  Bill and Doreen traveled with the youngest three grandchildren a few days before Gretchen and the older two, so that they would have time to get the party organized.  The grandchildren enjoyed playing at the many parks near Ginger’s home but they especially enjoyed the sidewalks where they could chalk and ride big-wheels.  Gretchen’s family lives out in the country where there are no sidewalks and dirt roads.


Not many of the large family could attend, but the ones that did had a great time.

On the way back from Montana with our Tillamook family we stopped in eastern Oregon to visit with the children’s other grandparents.  They live in what the children properly call the “mountain house”.  There the girls, Emily and Alexa, climbed high into a pine tree that needs to be removed before it falls onto the house.  The girls attached a rope high on the trunk so that the falling tree can be persuaded to fall away from the structure.


Emily and Alexa climbed the tree like a couple of monkeys.