Float plane at Balboa Yacht Club!

Last Saturday afternoon a different sort of ‘boat’ arrived at the buoys of the Balboa YC. The float plane was from Canada on its way to Iquitos on the Amazon River in Peru. It taxied into the moorage and tied up to one of the available buoys to top off its fuel for the rest of its journey; it had previously stopped for fuel in Louisiana and Belize. There were some problems, as not all the right officials had been informed of the plane’s arrival, but by Tuesday morning – with paperwork completed and full fuel tanks – the plane taxied across the channel and took off into the air.


The air plane from Canada tied up to a buoy.


Gasoline being delivered down the dock in large plastic (and leaking!) barrels. The local go-fast boats have been doing this for weeks. Many of us consider this to be a bit stupid and dangerous. But the airplane was not allowed to carry their fuel down the dock in large metal drums because the “Jet A” (just kerosene) was considered “too dangerous”. The plane ended up being filled with normal diesel from the pump on the dock. The gasoline delivery for the go-fast boast will no doubt continue.


Monday morning we woke to fog. This is a ship entering under the Bridge of the Americas in the fog.