Panama City

We have been here tied up at the Balboa Yacht Club for only three days and already are getting a full social calendar. Yesterday we got checked in with immigration but have yet to find the port captain to finish up the paperwork. We spent the afternoon at the very large Albrook Mall. Bill picked up a new “car stereo” that is set up for the iPod. Our prior method of using a FM local transmitter to get the music to our radio does not work here as there is no free frequency to use! This morning he got it set up and we now have music again on Lanikai. Last night was the cruiser’s get together at the Yacht Club and we met up with old friends again. Bill also got his external wifi antenna set up and now has good wifi reception for surfing the web on his laptop. We are slowly getting Lanikai into “condo-mode” for spending the summer, rainy season, here in Panama.