Flying Bugs and Anchoring Woes

Today we moved further north along Isla del Rey and anchored off Isla Canas.

Yesterday, Friday, it rained much of the day, rinsing off the salt from Lanikai and then the clouds moved on and blue sky started to appear. About an hour before sunset the mass-hatching of many flying insects started and they blew out over Lanikai. Whatever type of bug these are (ant? termite? ??) they drop their wings when they first land, so they covered the deck with their shed wings. We screened up the openings to the cabin and only a few got down below. This morning the clean-up was interesting: the light wings just floated into the air when I tired to sweep them from the cockpit floor and many drifted down below. Bill used the vacuum to suck the wings from the interior floor. The dew had the wings outside of the dry cockpit glued down so they had to be washed off with the saltwater pump. A serious mess, and not fully cleaned yet. These insects, which we met in El Salvador as well, supposably come out after the first good rain of the rainy season and I expect that we will again have them with us tonight.

When we arrived in the Perlas Islands from Western Panama (a few days back), the anchor windlass controller only sporadically worked. Yesterday Bill spent much time with the controller wand and thought that all was fixed. Well, today it would not turn on the windlass motor when I pushed the ‘up’ button to raise the anchor. We finally got the anchor up using the windlass, when it would work, and with Bill finally hauling the last 30 feet of chain by hand. Bill spent the passage to Isla Canas trying to get the windlass to work, first replacing the switch, then checking out the motor-control circuitry and finally realizing that the cord to the windlass controller had a broken wire!! All is repaired now and the anchor went down without a hiccup when we got here..