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Fun Times in Balboa

We have now been tied up at the Balboa Yacht Club for two weeks and they sure have been busy ones. There are many activities going on here and Frank and Shirley from Windsong have made sure that we are involved in many of them. There is Wednesday morning Dim San breakfast at the Lung Fung Chinese restaurant, Sunday lunch at the Romanticcia Italian restaurant, Monday hamburger night at the BYC.

Cruiser Nite.jpg

Every Monday night the cruisers get together at the Balboa Yacht Club Bar to enjoy each others company, swap tales, share books and enjoy beers and food.


The southerly winds have arrived with the beginning of the rainy season. They bring both clear air and rolly conditions to the canal side anchorages. The islands that were hidden in the mists all winter are now quite visible and clear.

The boats anchored toward the outer end of the canal entrance channel moved to the other side of the causeway for storm protection and are now anchored with a great view of the City of Panama, which has now appeared out of the mist. This is a picture of R’Dreamz with the City in the background.


This is the rolly Balboa Yacht Club mooring field with the Bridge of the Americas in the background. Lanikai is visible with her newly painted yellow hull, hiding close to the bridge.


This past Saturday night, a group of us went to Cafe Dulce to support Frank and his friend Ed as they sang. It is a new restaurant opened by our friend Angel this past January, and so she had the live music night to bring in guests and – hopefully – to get her restaurant more known among the ex-pat community here in Panama. They served great coffees and yummy pastries to go with the music.

Island Anchorages

We anchored off many pretty islands.

The Isla Secas where the one place we found clear water for snorkeling.


This reef was one of the better snorkel spots, but the shore was also very pretty.


Another small sandy beach.


Morning mist over the jungle just ashore of our anchored boat in Bahia Honda.


The first flowers, expecting that the rainy season is on its way.


Sunset over Isla Parida.

Underway to Panama City

There was lots of sea life as we left the island area of Western Panama heading toward the Perlas Islands in the Bay of Panama.


We passed many large marine turtles but they usually dove underwater as Lanikai approached.


Dolphins always seem to enjoy playing in Lanikai‘s bow wake. We had several groups join us for awhile on this leg of our trip.


We saw many ships, mostly in the distance, as we rounded Punta Mala and entered the Bay of Panama.

Boca Chica, Panama

Boca Chica is a pretty anchorage with a nice restaurant on a hillside overlooking the anchorage.


This is a great view of Lanikai laying at anchor. This photo was taken from the restaurant.


The entrance channel into Boca Chica, as viewed from the restaurant.


A low-tide beach on one of the Boca Chica smaller islands.


Another pretty spot on one of the nearby islands.


Two “windows” on Isla Ventana.

Underway Boat Repairs

More boat repairs were needed as we traveled …


The Kayak got a small crack when it was on the ground while Lanikai was out of the water. Bill melted the plastic with his soldering iron to make the repair.


The anchor light only occasionally worked so Bill replaced the bulb and cleaned all the contacts, but that had to be done at the top of the mizzen mast.


Bill removes one of the old windows so we could replace it with a new Plexiglass one.


The new window is installed.