Windows Replaced

Last year in Bahía Honda, Panama, we replaced three leaky windows. This year over the last 8 days we replaced three more. The aluminum frames of the old windows are failing and all of the windows that we replaced this year showed signs of water weeping inside thru corroded parts of the frame. We have seen little rain since January but as soon as the first window was removed we got a good night of rain! The plastic that we taped over the window kept most of the water out, but not all of it!!

The second and third windows were removed and reinstalled in one day each and we have had very nice weather. Bill did most of the prep work on the new Plexiglas window before removing the old. Once the old one was removed several more hours were spent on getting the opening ready for the new window and holes drilled in both the Plexiglas window and the fiberglass of the boat. Then in the afternoon with lots of gooey 3M 5200 caulk, the new window was installed and the mess cleaned up. We still have two more small windows to replace, but they will have to wait until next dry season. When we purchased the 5200 for this project last year we inadvertently purchased black instead of white, but luckily we had enough smaller tubes of white on-board to complete the three windows.