Boca Chica

We spent several days in the rolly anchorage at the SW corner of Isla Parida then moved to the much calmer NE corner, anchoring off the pretty Isla Gamez. There we spent another few days where I enjoyed kayaking in the calm waters, visiting the many nearby inlets where I again got to see the occasional sea turtle. Saturday afternoon we moved into the Boca Chica anchorage so that we could visit with friends, pick up needed outboard gasoline and enjoy a few fish dinners at “Frank’s”.

I think that we have finally recovered from the haul out. Things on Lanikai seem to have stopped breaking for the moment! We sure had a rash of failures and adjustments wanting help the first week or so after we left Puntarenas. The last biggy was a burst fresh water hose that dumped all 80 gallons from the fresh water tank into the bilge before we discovered it. That was repaired and a modification to the bilge alarm (which should have alerted us to the problem with only several gallons of water lost) were accomplished. The switch itself was poorly installed, so that it would not float up with the water but floated back and therefore never switched on. With a new modification to the installation it should work fine now. The water maker was then run for many hours to refill the tank. Bill even made a repair to my Kayak, fixing a boatyard acquired crack with his solder iron.

We almost got some rain last night and are looking forward to a nice downpour to clean Lanikai‘s decks and rigging.