Anchored in the Perlas Islands

We dropped the hook here about 10:00 this morning off Rio Cacique on Isla del Rey in the Las Perlas group of Islands near Panama City.

After passing Punta Guanico on the southern shore of the large Azuero Peninsula we came under the influence of the outbound current from the Bay of Panama; it was slow going for about 12 hours after that. We were way offshore (about 35 miles) as we passed Punta Mala, but still felt the large chop associated with that point. We had a slight tail wind, but the sail only provided minor stabilization. We headed east across the Bay of Panama, hoping to catch the inward flowing current. The shipping lanes that we crossed contained many ships that kept us alert Monday night and Tuesday morning; three had to be “actively” avoided! Tuesday evening we picked up a strong northerly wind, which allowed us to finally cut the engine and sail for the rest of the evening and into the early morning hours; then we used the engine again to get us to this anchorage.