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Back to Panama

With the four day holiday after our boat got splashed (the Easter Holidays), we could not check out of Costa Rica until Monday March 24. We left on the next afternoon’s high tide, negotiating the shallows in the late afternoon. Lanikai continued on to Bahia Herradura where we dropped the hook at 9:30 PM Tuesday evening. We spent the next two days in Herradura making minor repairs and adjustments that turned up on the short first passage after the launch. Friday, March 28, we moved on to Bahia Drake and after resting there one day continued on to Panama, on Sunday. We are now anchored in the south west corner of Isla Parida after a very comfortable 22 hour passage. We even enjoyed a nice 7-hour light wind sail Sunday afternoon without the noisy motor.

Lanikai is back in the water !!

Midday yesterday (Wednesday, March 19) we got Lanikai back into the water. All projects completed successfully. Good to be able to sleep in our own bed again! And now there is lots of cleanup to do.


Ready to drop into the water.


Backing away from the travel-lift.


Getting ourselves secured between two floats at the Costa Rica Yacht Club

The new depth-sounder is installed !

The project of the day was the installation of the new depth sounder. The installation of the thru-hull transducer was noted early in the project, but today was all the mechanical and electrical work. The location of the display head is the same as for the older unit (in fact the mounting bracket is identical), but access to the wiring involves completely removing the ceiling in the galley. And that means removing the VHF marine radio and the Auto Pilot control box and the galley fan. But its all done now.

The “official word” is that we go back in the water on Wednesday, an appropriately deep high-tide being the controlling factor at this point.


The new depth sounder, and it even works (subject to not being in the water, of course).

Polishing and Cleanup

Today the chicos spent all day with sand paper. I spent the day trying to put the insides of the boat back together. The back cabin is mostly back to normal (head floor is back in, carpet is cleaned and back in, tools mostly all put away). The forward bilge is cleaned, filled and covered. The ceiling panel in the galley is out (and all the mess that that means); I should finish with the depth sounder installation tomorrow.


The chicos are polishing, today with #400 wet sandpaper, tomorrow with an even finer polish.


The mast steps now go all the way up the mizzen!


The protective wrappers are all off. She looks pretty good.

Looking Good !!

The paint went on the topsides today. Four coats sprayed on really thin. Twenty minutes to spray each side, with a 10 minute wait between. Two hours per side. They were done by noon.

But then they (quite reasonably) won’t let me go into the boat until tomorrow morning.


Looking good!!