Lanikai out of the water

Friday afternoon we moved into the estero north of Puntarenas and were guided thru the shallows to the Costa Rica Yacht Club. There are haul-out facilities on one side of the estero and the hotel and restaurant on the Puntarenas sand spit. In the estero between are many buoys and short dock sections to which boats are tied. Lanikai was first tied to one of the short dock sections for a few hours, then just after high tide we moved to the lift area and were pulled out of the water with a travel lift. It took several more hours to get Lanikai settled on the ground and well supported. Jacob, Bill and I then took the panga back to the restaurant side for dinner, after which we returned to a Lanikai for the night, as there was no room in the hotel. Saturday morning we were up early, Bill and Jacob got the boat plugged into a distant electric socket while I gathered up things for a day at the pool. Jacob spent much of Saturday enjoying the pool, even finding some English speaking girls to play with. Bill spent much time with Carlos (the Yacht Club manager), to get repairs started on Lanikai. The hull was actually cleaned on Saturday and we got a hotel room too. Several trips back and forth to the boat and we had enough luggage ashore for a start on filling up the hotel room. Sunday we plan to move the sewing machine to the room where Doreen can make new sail covers for Lanikai while Bill tries to get the prop shaft out and Jacob can spend more time in the pool.