Jacob arrives in Golfito

Doreen and our grandson Jacob arrived back in Golfito, Costa Rica, on Friday morning, January 18 at 03:30AM.  Bill ferried us to Lanikai and we immediately fell asleep after the 20 hour trip from Oregon.  We spent the first 5 days of Jacob’s visit in Golfito.  Bill had done much of the restocking of Lanikai while Doreen was north collecting Jacob, but there were still some last minute items to pick up, and paperwork needed to be done.  We found a pool that we could use if we purchased drinks at their restaurant, and spent many afternoons with Jacob in the pool while Bill and I enjoyed so beers.   We then moved to the head of Golfo Dulce and anchored at a reef that was reported to be interesting.  Since we were still getting southerly winds, the afternoons proved to be quite rough in the anchorage so we moved on to Bahía Drake.   We left early in the morning and did not arrive into Bahía Drake until shortly after midnight on Monday morning after a rather slow passage.