Hull work moving along

The work crew got going right away and sanded the old bottom paint off while we were not looking. It took all day for Bill to find the right bank to get the necessary up-front cash to get the work started.

We need to install a new transducer for our new depth sounder (replacing the old transducer and sounder in the process) and removing an even older transducer and sealing the hole in the hull. And we’ll install a new (and somewhat larger) thru-hull for the galley sink drain. And there is the customary checking of all the other things underwater: rudder support bolts, thru-hulls, blisters. The big-ticket item is to pull out the prop shaft and install a new “stuffing box” to replace the old one that Bill has been holding together with duct tape and hose clamps for nearly two years now.

The plan is to have all new barrier coat (if necessary), new primer and new bottom paint on the underwater part of the hull.

Then we’ll have the topside (the hull above the waterline) sanded and some new paint put on. Lanikai should look spiffy!

Some “before” pictures …


The prop looks to be a mess.


Some damage at the base of the rudder where we hit a rock at Isla Jicaron (Panama) about 2 years ago.