Contreras to Parida – more info

After the sun returned, we spent a few more days in the Contreras islands to snorkel in the clear water. Then on Thursday we moved on to the Islas Secas. The snorkeling was great there as well and we had no rain and much sunshine while we were there. We anchored off the larger of the southern islands and found lots of great reefs along its northern side. The weather changed after the last days of rain in the Contreras and we have had no real rain for a week now. Our last night in the Secas, westerly winds picked up, bringing lots of swell and chop into the anchorage.

Monday, we moved on to Isla Parida and anchored in the southern bay where it is usually calm. But we have swells in here as well. At least there is not a current to keep us stern-to the waves, as in the Secas, which is Lanikai‘s most uncomfortable position. Claire de Lune, with George and Jan aboard, was anchored here when we arrived. They had just made the passage north from Ecuador and had a thawed turkey on board! They invited us over to share it with them last evening. We finally got our turkey dinner and it was delicious – as well as the company was great.