Snorkling at Isla Brincana

We are still anchored in the same spot on Isla Brincana in the Contreras group. We have had several nice partially-sunny days, where we got out the snorkel gear and checked out several nice nearby reefs. We found two spots with lots of fish; many schools of smaller fish and some larger fish as well. They were swimming against a background of brown and orange corals. We also saw several turtles swimming below us! Doreen took the kayak out exploring along the east side of the island. There are many waterfalls along the shore and the plant growth is very thick and green. With the sun some of the plants are beginning to flower; we have one with red flowers on the shore where we are anchored. Last Wednesday we spent our “in the water time” cleaning the bottom of Lanikai, she was well cleaned in Ecuador before we left, but it had been four weeks and many patches of small barnacles as well as lots of moss were starting to grow. Thursday was Thanksgiving and since we are at an isolated island, Doreen put together a meal from the stores on board. We had chicken gravy over instant mashed potatoes. She made a small amount of cranberry sauce from some dried berries. A can of corn finished up our meal. After eating we launched the dinghy for an explore around the island. On the far side are several small islets, sheer cliffs and windblown bushes and trees. A cave on one of the islets went clear thru forming a water pathway thru the island. A weather system “low” moved in on Monday bringing in two days of rain and a forced rest period. Today the sun appears to be with us again.