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Islas Secas

After three days of rain today was mostly sunny. We moved to an anchorage on the southern island of the Secas, with lots of little islets nearby ready for exploration in the next few days.

Snorkling at Isla Brincana

We are still anchored in the same spot on Isla Brincana in the Contreras group. We have had several nice partially-sunny days, where we got out the snorkel gear and checked out several nice nearby reefs. We found two spots with lots of fish; many schools of smaller fish and some larger fish as well. They were swimming against a background of brown and orange corals. We also saw several turtles swimming below us! Doreen took the kayak out exploring along the east side of the island. There are many waterfalls along the shore and the plant growth is very thick and green. With the sun some of the plants are beginning to flower; we have one with red flowers on the shore where we are anchored. Last Wednesday we spent our “in the water time” cleaning the bottom of Lanikai, she was well cleaned in Ecuador before we left, but it had been four weeks and many patches of small barnacles as well as lots of moss were starting to grow. Thursday was Thanksgiving and since we are at an isolated island, Doreen put together a meal from the stores on board. We had chicken gravy over instant mashed potatoes. She made a small amount of cranberry sauce from some dried berries. A can of corn finished up our meal. After eating we launched the dinghy for an explore around the island. On the far side are several small islets, sheer cliffs and windblown bushes and trees. A cave on one of the islets went clear thru forming a water pathway thru the island. A weather system “low” moved in on Monday bringing in two days of rain and a forced rest period. Today the sun appears to be with us again.

Muertos to Contreras – more info

Another week and we have visited two more anchorages. Both were in areas that are now parks. Last Wednesday we moved northwest to Ensenada Muertos with good protection from the westerly winds that we had been getting. The bay is surrounded by nice green forest and, although there were workers building a hut the first two days of our stay, they finished up and left leaving the bay to us. We even got to see the wild pigs foraging on the beach our last morning there. The weather has changed and by Friday we had mostly sunny skies in the morning although the clouds have been picking up in the afternoons bringing some showers. Our mornings since have had lots of sun. Doreen explored the little bay and some of the larger outer bay in the kayak and we even took the snorkel gear out for a first snorkel of the season. The water was not too clear but it was a fun time in the water anyhow. We took the dinghy out on several other occasions to just explore as well.

Yesterday we moved on to the Islas Contreras and anchored in the little bay on the north side of Isla Brincana. This is a very deep bay close in to shore, so we anchored in 50 feet to stay out far enough to not have too many of the flying-biting things getting to Lanikai. Two other sailboats were anchored in the bay when we arrived and as they headed off snorkeling they stopped by for a chat. They said that the snorkeling was great off the point near the little island. We plan to try it out today. After our arrival we stayed on board and installed the new white dinghy cover onto the dinghy. I had made the cover in Ecuador at Puerto de Amistad and now with the sun so bright some of the time, the gray of the dinghy was getting quite hot. We watched the rays jumping and other not-too-small fish as well. This is another bay surrounded by jungle green and very pretty. We did not get rain until after dark and the clouds provided color as the sun sets.

Islas Contreras

We moved today to a nice little anchorage off Isla Brincano in the Islas Contreras group. This is part of a larger park in Panama. Since we had no wind or waves it was a motor-boat ride all the way.

Ensenada de Muerto

We moved today after the winds turned westerly and blew waves into the anchorage at Ensenada Cativon where we had been anchored. We are now anchored in the snug little bay behind Punta Muertos where it is calm but still rainy.