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Oct. 30 – Noon position

We have been having a wonderful sail since since we left, as the wind settled in after we got aways offshore, to a nice reach. Still sailing Wednesday morning.

Leaving Ecuador

We have spent the last month on projects. Bill has spent much time on his computer getting our blog to talk to Google Maps so check out our position in Bahia de Caraquez. We will try to send daily updates as we travel on to Panama and Costa Rica so that our progress can be followed. Recently we have been working on boat projects getting Lanikai ready for another season of cruising. Our exit from Bahia is scheduled for early in the morning on October 30 and we are both looking forward to swimming and snorkeling in the islands off Panama before we head into Golfito, Costa Rica for Christmas.

Now organized in ‘series’ fashion too

Just got a new capability working here to handle a series of posts.  This makes it easy for us to re-order all those Perú posts and get the pictures in the right order with the story line.  It also makes it easier for you to start at the beginning and continue onward to the end. 

Checkout the Series section in the sidebar at the right.

Not quite all of the Perú stuff has been linked in yet, but I’m working on it.

The Google Map is in pretty good shape now

I’ve finished with a bunch of bug fixes and feature additions.  I claim the map page is in pretty good shape now.   Enjoy !!