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A first Google Map !

This should reference Bahia de Caraquez in Ecuador, where our Lanikai is currently anchored.  To get to the map, just click the ‘our Travel Map‘ link in the Blog Pages section at the right.  Sorry this is a bit klutzy at the moment, but the interface will get better as I work on it some more.

Perú Travel Summary – July & August 2007

Some particulars (including costs) of our Summer 2007 trip through Perú. Hopefully useful info for other travelers …

We entered Peru at the La Tiña-Macará border crossing, riding on Transports Loja from Loja, Ecuador to Piura, Peru ($8).

The money of Perú is the Nuevo Sol (simply called the Sol). At the time of our trip, the exchange was 3.10 to 3.25 Soles to the US dollar. We won’t quote the price of tours as that is highly variable with the season, tour options, etc. Prices noted for bus travel are “per person”; prices quotes for hotels are for a “matrimonial” (typically a queen-size bed) or a “doble” (two twin beds) – almost always the same price, but one or the other is not always available.


Hotel Peru: 69 soles ($23) Good restaurant in the hotel; around the central plaza we found only sandwitch and ice cream restaurants.

Algarrobas Inn: 60 soles ($20) very near the Linea bus station, comfortable and quiet.

Piura to Chiclayo: Transportes Chiclayo or Transportes Linea. 12 Soles ($4.00)

Piura to/from Loja, Ecuador: Transportes Loja, 28 Soles ($9.00). Steep, winding, beautiful mountain road.


Hotel Presidental: 70 soles ($23) eMail:, web:

Hotel Paraíso: 50 soles ($17) eMail:, web:

Both are nice hotels with real hot water and cable TV and both are just about as far from the main plaza, only about 6 blocks.

Chiclayo to Trujillo: Transportes Linea 12 soles ($4)


We stayed in nearby town of Huanchaco on the coast. Combi between the two was 1.2 soles, taxi 10 soles ($3). There are many hotels along the Malecón in Huanchaco. We found a room in Hostal Los Esteros overlooking the water for 60 soles ($20). There is also a decent cafe in the hotel.

We made our tour reservations through Hostal Ñaylamp (a few blocks farther from the center of town). Also has a good restaurant for dinner. eMail:, web:

Truijillo to Lima: Cruz del Sur “Bus Cama” (First Class!!!) service – the seats lay almost all the way back for good resting, meals served on the bus. 50 soles ($17). web:


Many hotels in the downtown area are not signed on the street – just a doorway to stairs leading up the reception desk on the second floor. The taxi from the bus station found us Hostal San Martín overlooking Plaza San Martín. 60 soles ($20) including breakfast.

Lima to Nazca: Cruz del Sur again. 65 soles ($22).


Hotel Yemayá: 50 soles ($17).

Tour Agency: A great travel agency for flights over the lines and other tours is Nazca Trails on the main plaza. Recommended in many travel books. eMail: Juan is a great guide!

Nazca to Arequipa: Transportes Cial, 75 soles ($25). The only bus that travels in the daytime, but it leaves at 3:30AM.


Hotel: Hostal La Posada del Parque: 45 soles ($15). It has large rooms and has a cafe and a GREAT travel agency on the roof. The agent is Maribel, Marlon’s sister, see Cuzco below. eMail: We used it for our Colca Canyon trip and for bus tickets to Puno.

Arequipa to Puno 50 soles ($17).

Puno and Lake Titicaca

Hotel: Hostal Q’oñi Wasi 40 soles ($13). eMail: The rooms on the top floor are very nice, others can be dingy. Very friendly owner – close friend of Maribel in Arequipa, above. The tour agency we used was Edgar Adventures on the walking street. We took the two day tour on Lago Titicaca: 65 soles ($22).

Puno to Cuzco: We took the tourist bus that made 6 stops along the way for sightseeing, etc. First Class: 64 soles ($21)


Hotel Marlon`s House 50 soles ($17). A small, family run place, very friendly. Also a travel agency. Marlon arranged our tour of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Web:, eMail:

There is lots to see and do in and around Cuzco, we spent over 2 weeks there. We had an absolutely wonderful stay at Marlon’s House, highly recommended.

Flew to Cajamarca on Aero Condor, changing planes (and waiting most of the day) in Lima.


Hotel: Inca’s Hostal 50 soles ($17), three blocks from the main plaza. A town of few tourists, but many interesting sites nearby.

Tour Agent: In.God.We.Trust (on the main plaza). eMail:

Cajamarca to Chiclayo: Transportes Linea: 15 soles ($5) Interesting views on the trip as you climb down steep, winding canyons back to sea level.