Visiting a local Family

Friday August 31: The last two days have been special for us as Vicky, a tour guide that we met at the iPeru tourist office, took us to her homes. Thursday she took us to her simple country house near Otuzco. It is under the care of her Aunt and Uncle who farm the small plot of land. Vicky hopes to expand it into a small “bread and breakfast” as time and money permit. Her aunt fixed us a nice lunch of potatoes, tuna salad and lima beans, while Vicky showed us around. Then we all enjoyed visiting while we ate. After lunch Vicky took us to visit the flower growing area of Huerta de las Hortencias. There lilies and hydrangeas are grown for sale. We walked from there thru the Hacienda Tres Molinos (a milk farm) and on to a cheese factory (Los Alpes). There was no ice-cream at this cheese factory, but we did purchase some great cheese and enjoyed rich creamy yogurt drinks before continuing the trek back into town.

This morning (Friday) Vicky came by the hotel again and took us to visit her family at her “in town” home. We enjoyed breakfast with her extended family while we visited. We met several of her sisters, one of her brothers and his family as well as Vicky’s 8-year old daughter. Several pleasant hours were spent visiting before Bill and I left. Thank You Vicky !!

We walked back to the hotel to relax the rest of the day (and play on the Internet), as tomorrow we move on to Chiclayo on our way slowly back to Ecuador and our Lanikai.