Museums of Lima

The reason to spend time in Lima is to visit the many great museums. Bill and I visited two large Archaeological Museums while here and a smaller stamp museum in the old post office.

Friday we visited the Museum del Nación. We spent four hours checking out the history of Peru beginning with the early cave paintings and progressing thru the many civilizations leading up to the Incas – who only ruled for 100 years before the Spaniards arrived. We had seen parts of this before while in Chiclayo, but this helped put various parts together better.

Sunday we spent 5 hours in the Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology and History. This museum covers a slightly longer period of time as it begins with the hunter-gatherers crossing into the Americas and ends with the election of the previous president (not the current one). Much of the museum is devoted to pre-Columbian civilizations, covering much the same information as the Museum del Nación, but it contains much more original pottery and cloth pieces. One wing was devoted to the Spaniard’s arrival and rule and another area dealt with the revolution and the struggles of the Republic. One particularly interesting room contains a time-line around three walls, from about 1800 to 2004. Above this line were listed important events in Peru’s history and below the line were important world events from a Peruvian’s point of view.

We left the museum quite tired and caught a taxi back to Plaza San Martin. The next two hours were spent relaxing with a few beers while we watched the Soccer America’s Cup finals at a sports bar.