Week of Birthdays and Problems

Sunday June 17, 2007

This was a week of Birthday parties. Last Saturday we celebrated Alinka’s Birthday with steak dinners at Muelle Uno. The steaks there are quite large and it is only $6 for the dinner. After dinner we returned to Puerto de Amistad for cake to finish up the celebration.

Then on Sunday, Tripp threw a big party to celebrate Maye’s 30th Birthday. The restaurant was decorated with lots of flowers and the serving tables were piled high with food. We all enjoyed several hours of drinks and visiting before the food was served; and after eating there was dancing. On Tuesday Bill turned 60, so we had a small celebration with cake during the cruiser’s happy hour. It was a bad day for Bill as his computer was giving him fits. The new Windows Vista operating system is full of hiccups and it was not until Thursday – after three days of struggle and 5 hours at the internet café – that he got things working again. Without easy linkups to the internet, the modern software has problems, as it seems to want you to have the computer constantly connected.

We also got several boat projects done this past week mostly due to failures. The Kubota generator is still not working well, and then the alternator gave up making electricity on Thursday morning. Many wires had come loose and we hoped that reattaching them would make the amps flow, but it was not to be. Bill installed the new voltage regulator that we had brought south with us and the amps again are flowing but the Kubota is just as cantankerous to start. I got the patch in the aft cabin filled (where the old stereo was removed) and smoothed and finally painted. You can almost not tell where we had the old stereo installed. In the midst of all the fixing, the toilet decided to “pack it in”. The repair was not difficult, but it did take Bill two tries (on two days) to get it working properly again.

Another project this past week was the installation of new cockpit speakers, another item brought south with us. We got one speaker installed only to discover that the (brand new!) speaker was defective. The second speaker worked fine. Since we already had one speaker in the cockpit we just left the old speaker up and only installed the good one of the new ones. At least we have stereo in the cockpit now! Once Bill’s computer was working again he took the time to hang the new EPIRB and then ripped more music for the iPod. All our music has now been transferred to his computer.

Today is Father’s Day and another day for a party at Puerto de Amistad.


Alinka’s Birthday celebration


Maye Celebrates her 30th Birthday