On to Piura, Peru

Friday was another long bus ride; about half way thru the trip we crossed the border into Peru at Macará. The ride was thru interesting territory. Starting out from Loja, the road continued at the top of the world for several hours with unending mountain tops and blue sky on our left and a series of deep canyons falling off on our right. This was followed by a long winding downhill. The hills changed from green to brown as we dropped toward the desert. The border town of Macará is in a high desert; the most notable thing about it is that the airport is in the center of town, with the control tower on one side of the central plaza.

In Peru we continued down into the Desierto de Sechura, the northern Peruvian coastal desert. The bus dropped us off in Piura, Peru in the late afternoon. We got settled in a hotel – the Hotel Peru, $69 Soles per night (about $23 US) – before hunting for an ATM to get more Peruvian Soles and then ice cream and sandwitches.

Saturday we did some exploring of the city, checking out yet more churches before retiring to the central plaza to sit and read while we people-watched. The one museum that we wanted to see was “closed for remodeling”. Tomorrow we plan on heading to Chiclayo where we will first see interesting pre-Columbian ruins.