A Visit to Oregon and Montana

In early April we left the boat in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador. We took the bus to Guayaquil and the airplane to Portland Oregon, arriving in Portland almost exactly 24 hours after leaving Bahía. Daughter Gretchen and two of the grandchildren met us at the airport and drove us to their new home in Tillamook. We only spent two night there before we headed off to Montana in a car borrowed from her family and taking oldest granddaughter Emily along. We made a quick stop in The Dalles before continuing on to Belgrade Montana arriving at oldest daughter Ginger’s home in the early evening. We spent the next two weeks visiting with Ginger and with Doreen’s parents, who live nearby in Bozeman.

During that time we celebrated four birthdays including a big party that Ginger put on for her son, Mauricio’s, first birthday. Doreen’s dad’s birthday was next and we had her parents over to Ginger’s to celebrate by eating the left-over food from Mauricio’s party. Emily had also made a nice birthday cake for him. A few days later it was Doreen’s turn. To celebrate that birthday, we ate dinner at her parents. Great grandpa barbecued hamburgers and her parents had put together a birthday cake. It was a special cake being the same type as her mom had always made for her birthdays as she was growing up. It was an angle food cake sliced into layers and frosted with whipped cream and strawberries. The night before we left to return to Oregon was Doreen’s mother’s birthday and we celebrated by going out to dinner.

While in Montana, Bill purchased himself a new computer at Costco as his old one was getting flakey. He also picked up an iPod which we plan on getting all our music transferred to when we return to Lanikai.

The drive back to Oregon was uneventful and we stopped in The Dalles for a few days before heading on to the coast. In The Dalles we were joined by Gretchen and her family. Gretchen’s husband Doug was fishing one last “springer” salmon season on the Columbia River and Gretchen was getting their old house ready to sell. Doreen helped Gretchen on the house and Bill got stuck with all the children.

Friday, April 27 we returned to Tillamook, after emptying out the “empty home” and filling up a U-Haul for Doug to trailer back to Tillamook the next day. We then spent three weeks in Tillamook. Bill spent most of that time with the internet connection getting his new computer up and running well. He also put quite a bit of effort into getting our iPod set up with the music at hand. Doreen had a wonderful time playing with the grand children and helping out wherever she could. The home in Tillamook is on a large lot with a smaller fenced-in area for ducks, chickens and turkeys. Before we left, two goats joined the farm.

While in Tillamook, Gretchen and Doreen took an afternoon off shopping with Emily, a day off to take all the children to visit Doreen’s sister Susie in Ocean Park, Washington, and an afternoon trip to the beach with Doug. We also took Doug’s boat out on Tillamook Bay, fishing. On one of the trips, Bill went along, and we crossed the bar into the ocean and back. It was too rough that day to stay offshore for long.

April 22 came all too fast. Gretchen and grandson Jacob took us to the airport and the start of our trip back home.