Trip to Ecuador

Sunday March 18, 2007

The anchor was dropped behind Cabo Pasado in Ecuador yesterday morning about 9AM after a rather fast trip south. The motor ran most of the time although we did get a good pull from the light easterly winds. There was enough wind to shut down the motor for at least a few hours each day and one day was a great sail for almost 24 hours before the wind died. We encountered shipping at both ends of the trip. South of Isla Jicaron, at the beginning of the trip, we passed thru the group of ships heading to and from the Panama Canal and as we neared the coast of Ecuador we ran into another shipping lane. There was even some sea life on this trip. As we passed Jicaron we had a pod of killer whales off our stern and later in the evening three large Sei whales passed close by. Dolphins joined us both near Jicaron and quite far off shore on our third day out. When we were farthest offshore a little bird came to visit. He kept coming into the cabin and flying off again for a time, before fear got the better of him and he disappeared for good.