Surprise Lunar Eclipse

Saturday evening after sunset we were sitting in the cockpit waiting for the full moon to rise. It did not come up when we expected it to!! A while later a small crescent of the moon appeared higher in the sky. The crescent grew until the moon got lost in the clouds, but its light continued to increase and when it reappeared above the clouds it was correctly full. Our first thought was that the moon had been hidden by clouds, but upon seeing the crescent appear we realized that we were witnessing a lunar eclipse.

We are still in Bahia Honda but finished the last of the projects yesterday. Today we performed routine chores: defrosting the freezer, checking the engine oil, measuring the fuel level in the main tank and plotting our routes for our trip to Ecuador. We have enough fuel to motor at our usual RPM for 10 days and our route shows the trip to be only 521 miles, about 5 days at our usual 4.5 knots. Leaving us plenty of time for slow sailing, if we find some wind. We plan to move on, probably Friday, to Isla Coiba for a few days relaxing before we make the jump toward Ecuador. This gives us one day of snorkeling fun here.