Projects on the Lanikai

We are still anchored in calm Bahia Honda and have been very busy here “tightening up” the Lanikai. Bill replaced the badly cracked forward port window with plexiglas, removing the badly corroded aluminum frame and bedding the new window directly onto the fiberglass outside. It took about a week for this project as it was only possible to work in the mornings before the sun got too hot. The weather has gotten much more humid over the last few days and we have had only little breeze. We spent another day removing the sink from what used to be the forward head, and plumbing the watermaker’s salt water outlet directly into the thru hull. That sink had let lots of water into the boat(by coming up the drain) as we sailed to here while we were on a starboard tack in the rowdy conditions. Yesterday was a day of little projects, sealing the small heater chimney at the deck, sanding the floor hatch boards so they can be opened easily in these humid conditions, and sewing a new front window for the dodger.

We did take one day off to do some snorkeling. The islands at the entrance to the bay provide great reefs for snorkeling and although the sky was cloudy and the water not real clear, the under water view was spectacular – one under water garden after another.

Today Bill plans on getting started on replacing the two aft (opening!) windows, also with solid plexiglas. We sealed those two windows closed many years ago but they still leak some water into the aft cabin.