Snorkeling in the Islands

The second day of February already!! Wednesday we moved from Isla Taboga, near Panama City, south to Isla San Jose. It is one of the southern islands in the Perlas group. We anchored in the NW corner of the big bay called Playa Grande and although the wind picked up to above 20 from the N it was quite calm where we were anchored. The first calm night in some time as it was quite rolly at Isla Taboga.

Yesterday we dumped the dinghy overboard and set off exploring with snorkel gear. We dinghied around the point on the east side of the anchorage and a short ways up that coast. The shore is a rocky cliff with small sand beaches and some interesting caves and undercuts in the cliffs. Offshore there were many small rocky reefs. Most of them had a too strong a current over them for snorkeling, but we did stop at one area where the current was not too bad. There were lots of the pretty tropical fish swimming in the many rocks and, although the clarity of the water was not great, it was the best we have seen in some time. We also stopped at a reef inside the bay, much nearer to Lanikai, where there was practically no current. There were plenty of fish to watch there as well but they were not near as dense as those offshore.