On To Bahia Honda

Thursday we moved further NW to Bahia Honda. We had a great sail most of the way in winds that approached 30mph at times. The seas were choppy but we had a real nice ride with wind providing our power. A few big splashes of water jumped into the cockpit before we put up our plastic curtains on the windward side. The wind died about two hours out and that gave enough engine running time to top off our batteries. They were down from running the water maker much of the trip and running all our navigation equipment and the autopilot. The water is so clear off shore here that the filters to the watermaker stay quite clean. We did discover one mishap after our arrival. The left over sink in the decommissioned forward head had spray come out its drain hole and get water all over the place. We got it all cleaned up and decided that the best course will be to just remove the sink. The watermaker dumps its left over salt water out thru this drain but can easily be connected to the thru hull directly.

The bay here is well protected so the waters are quite calm. Bill is taking advantage of this calm area to replace one of our windows that has been leaking and also has developed many cracks. His plan is to take the whole frame out and cut a nice sheet of Plexiglas to cover the opening. Bedding it well with 3M 5200 should solve our leak problem.

This anchorage is very peaceful and in the evenings and mornings the howler monkeys and birds sing to us. Domingo arrived soon after our hook was down to ask if we needed any produce from his garden. This morning he arrived with two nice bunches of bananas: one soon ripe, the other “maybe” in a week and a very small pineapple.