Cloudy Water

Last Saturday we moved over to Rio Cacique at the north end of the southern-most bay of Isla del Rey. We snorkeled on Sunday but the water was not very clear, then on Monday it was too cloudy to see anything. When it was still cloudy Wednesday, and other cruisers were complaining that the red tide had come in, we decided to move along to the islands of western Panama. The islands there are more likely to have clear water. The Humboldt current is known to move into the Perlas Islands in February bringing cooler, and therefore less clear, water and it usually does not get into the Western Islands.

We are still sitting off Rio Cacique waiting for the weather window to head west around Punta Mala. We tossed my kayak in the water on Wednesday afternoon and I have spent an hour in the late afternoons kayaking around the bay. The wind comes in gusts into here so I only have to fight the wind some of the time and the waves never build up. We have had gusts up to 25 in the bay but the winds at a bay near Punta Mala were 35 yesterday morning. Bill has spent much of his time again typing on his computer. He did take the morning off yesterday to seal up one of our leaky ports and get the lid back on the genset with tape on the corners to stop its annoying rattle.