New Years 2007

New Years Eve was spent on Lanikai where we had a great view, from our buoy at the Balboa Yacht Club, of the many fireworks let off along the causeway. The convention center seemed to have the biggest display. The fireworks there started about 11:30 and were almost continuous until after midnight. We gave up at 12:20 and went to sleep with the sky still being lit up by the big booms.

New Years Day was sunny but the afternoon was filled with short intense rain showers even with the sun still shinning! Bill and I were invited to enjoy sauerkraut on Windsong. Shirley’s family traditionally eats sauerkraut on January 1 to bring good luck for the year. She cooked it for us with lots of sausage and pork. I took over mashed potatoes and fresh bread. It was very delicious, but then both Bill and I enjoy sauerkraut. Andy, Marianne and Andrew from Soy Libre joined in the feast but had to return to their – boat anchored off the far end of the causeway – before dark. We spent a little longer visiting with Frank and Shirley before returning home ourselves. Everyone was still tired after the late night of fireworks the night before.