Compass Repair

Yesterday while we were in the city I picked up some post cards for the grandchildren.  We stopped on the way back to Lanikai for lunch at Niko’s Cafe, which is within walking distance from the boat.  While we lunched at Niko’s café, I got the post cards written.  We therefore stopped by the post office on our way back to Lanikai.  While we were there sending the cards, Bill decided to check on our lost compass parts.  Of course their first response upon checking was that the package had not arrived.  The parts had arrived into the airport in Panama on December 21 and they should have been forwarded to the Balboa Post office immediately.   Bill had the US Express Mail tracking number and when he presented this fact to the official, she went back to check again and found the package!  Since it was just us picking the package up directly and not somebody from the Yacht Club, Bill had to do some fast talking with the Aduana to avoid the import taxes.  Bill finally convinced him that the parts really were repair parts for a “boat in transit” and we walked out of the post office with the package tax-free.

This morning Bill got an early start on installing the new parts.  The old cracked and leaking dome of the compass was removed along with the remaining old oil.  The new dome was installed and then several hours were spent slowly refilling the compass with new oil. 


Bill installs the new dome on our main compass.


The new compass oil went in very slowly thru a very tiny fill-hole.