A Tour of Casco Viejo

Friday, January 12, 2007, Chuy and Susan, sailboat Libre, organized a tour of the Casco Viejo area of Panama City. This is the old city formed after the pirates sacked and burned the original city. There is lots of history in this area. It was an important city even before the canal construction, for the forming of the country of Panama and for the canal construction. We walked on the wall that gives this area its name and visited several historic buildings and churches including the theater and President’s Palace. It was a rather large group of boaters, but in the 4 hours that we toured, we covered a lot of history. After the tour we enjoyed lunch in a restored historic building near the waterfront before returning back to the boat for a late afternoon rest.

A Street.jpg

A street of the old city showing old buildings with their overhanging balconies. Some have been restored, others are just hanging on.

A Golden Altar.jpg

This is the golden altar from Iglesia San Jose which was hidden from the pirates that destroyed the original city by hiding the gold behind a layer of paint.

A Vendor.jpg

A Kuna vendor selling molas on the walkway on top of the old city wall.

A Theater.jpg

Inside the national theater which was originally built in 1907 and has been beautifully restored.

A goverment.jpg

Inside the President’s Palace. This is the table where new laws are signed.

A dining.jpg

The state dining room in the President’s Palace is not very large.