Monday night at 6PM we hoisted the jib and mizzen and shut off the motor for the first time this trip. The wind held all night in the 8 to 11 knot range. Just enough wind to pull Lanikai along at 3.0-5.0 knots. Since the best we do with the motor is 5.5 that is not bad. In the quiet we all got a good night’s rest, Bill and I taking turns at watch. The motor is on now, 10AM Tuesday for about 2 hours to charge the batteries then it will be back to sailing. The ride is much less rough under sail as much of the pounding goes away. Emily is becoming an avid reader and has learned to enjoy what she reads in her books. Yesterday was a mostly sunny day and today is starting out the same way. One of the other boats out here is a few days ahead and reported rain last night but we had only some clouds and a beautiful full moon.