Lots of Wind

Did not get much typing on the computer done yesterday as it was a rather wild day. Tuesday early afternoon we had some rain squalls pass by and with them we ended up with little wind. The wind then picked up and we had a great sail the rest of the afternoon but during the night things got wild. The seas picked up and the wind picked up even more. We dropped some sail and continued sailing in the good winds. Yesterday morning and early afternoon the wind picked up more so we had to downsize to our gorge sails. Things got comfortable then but we were having to tack as the wind was right from the direction that we wanted to go. About 7 last night the winds died out so we again dropped the jib and motor sailed thru the night. The seas have gradually calmed and we could make way in the direction that we are headed. The winds are starting back up again and I expect that we will soon be sailing again.