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South of the Equator

We crossed the equator 35 minutes after midnight last night. Since the nights run had us passing many fishing boats by the time we crossed the equator Bill and I were too tired to do more than note it in the log. We are anchored about 20 miles south of the equator behind Cabo Pasado where the rolls are not too bad. A large southerly swell is predicted to increase over the next several days. We will wait here until they subside before making the last 15 miles and crossing the boca into Bahia Caraquez. The last two days of the trip were mostly under sail although last night we dropped the jib and motor sailed so that we could point closer to our goal. The northerly setting current caused us to have to tack thru a wide angle and it would have taken at least another day to reach the anchorage under sail alone.

Lots of Wind

Did not get much typing on the computer done yesterday as it was a rather wild day. Tuesday early afternoon we had some rain squalls pass by and with them we ended up with little wind. The wind then picked up and we had a great sail the rest of the afternoon but during the night things got wild. The seas picked up and the wind picked up even more. We dropped some sail and continued sailing in the good winds. Yesterday morning and early afternoon the wind picked up more so we had to downsize to our gorge sails. Things got comfortable then but we were having to tack as the wind was right from the direction that we wanted to go. About 7 last night the winds died out so we again dropped the jib and motor sailed thru the night. The seas have gradually calmed and we could make way in the direction that we are headed. The winds are starting back up again and I expect that we will soon be sailing again.


Monday night at 6PM we hoisted the jib and mizzen and shut off the motor for the first time this trip. The wind held all night in the 8 to 11 knot range. Just enough wind to pull Lanikai along at 3.0-5.0 knots. Since the best we do with the motor is 5.5 that is not bad. In the quiet we all got a good night’s rest, Bill and I taking turns at watch. The motor is on now, 10AM Tuesday for about 2 hours to charge the batteries then it will be back to sailing. The ride is much less rough under sail as much of the pounding goes away. Emily is becoming an avid reader and has learned to enjoy what she reads in her books. Yesterday was a mostly sunny day and today is starting out the same way. One of the other boats out here is a few days ahead and reported rain last night but we had only some clouds and a beautiful full moon.

Underway Day 3

We made our turn to the south early this morning and may still have to make some more westing after we pass east of Isla Malpelo. So far little to no wind so the motor is still pushing us along with occasional boosts from the wind in the main that is always up to dampen the rolls. Today was sunny and warm and although boredom is setting in we are all doing well and even Emily is becoming an avid reader.

Underway to Ecuador

We left the anchorage at the Perlas Islands about 10AM this morning in light rain and have been motor sailing much of the day. There has been little wind so far but off and on there have been rain squalls. We have seen dolphins twice but only as they passed us. We will pass out of the big Bay of Panama around midnight tonight and then set course toward the Malpelo Islands where we make the tack southeast toward Ecuador.